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Dakota 2 years ago
this looks two real and when I say real I mean real. she's literally shaking from how much pain she's in, every time he touches her she flinches because of how scared she is and what hes ganna do nest
queen of dom 2 years ago
hes a sick old cunt some one stop this freak
bruh 1 year ago
what kind of monster am I to fap to this
Baby girl 2 years ago
He did good training her but no one deserve that bad of torture
1 year ago
This is just a sorry excuse to hurt people. Sicko
Paingiggles 1 year ago
Use two of those of me. One shocking my clit directly and one deep up in my ass constantly shocking. Maybe a third deep up in my pussy, or a dildo on a pole also rammed up my pussy. I'd let you do somuch more.
1 year ago
This isn’t BDSM or a “punishment” this is literally abus€ hips being zapped but clit and ass no fucking way
5 months ago
Please stop this.not good at all
wtf 1 year ago
lilslut 8 months ago
i would like to see if i could cum like this