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rex 5 years ago
PainGiggles 2 years ago
Oh just ram that red shocker in my pussy really really hard while you shock tf my clitty with that cattle prod. I'd also want a guy with a huge cock ramming down my throat while another one whipping my clamped nips. All at the same time.
Virgin Stazy 3 years ago
And I thought I wasn’t ready for normal sex. Now I know what that thing my boyfriend was hiding is...A SHOCK COLLAR..! Better not be for me..Unless somebody takes my virginity away before he fucks me...scary...So I know how torture feels...
dominatus 8 years ago
Who is that mahogany hair color slave , anybody knows her name?
Fabien Afghanistan 3 years ago
I didn't understand please explain to me whether they want to torture themselves or not.
2 years ago
name plz 8 years ago
Who is that blonde slave anybody know her name
Sss. 3 years ago
Amazing that most can notice the electricity at all, with all the plastic in their bodies.
Mtpr but 3 years ago
Your s fucking bitch the girl that is fucking with the girl
Curious 3 years ago
What's the blonde girl's name?? Or at least her dominatrix??